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Let's get steamy! 🧖🏼‍♀️

Steamer has been one of my best buys of last year. Not only does steaming smooth out wrinkles in your clothing, it also removes bacteria that cause odour and allergens that could attract dust mites. For a person who collects a lot of clothes from different flea markets this appliance is a god-sent! I always steam items I have bought from a thrift shop before I even put them to the wash basin. And it's a great and inexpensive way of freshening garments that can be washed by dry clean only.

Things I have learned by using a steamer:
1. FRESH WATER Always change the water before steaming if it has been sitting in the canister for longer than two days.
2. PUFF IT OUT Let the steamer puff out steam 1-2 min before starting. This lets the "pipes to be cleaned" from stagnant water residue.
3. AVOID SUEDE + PLASTIC Avoid steaming suede, anything made out of plastic, t-shirt/hoodie graphics - they might melt!
4. INSIDE OUT Steam from inside the garment: especially if the fabric has beadings or small details on top.
5. USE A CLIP Use a clip to help you steam nearer to the edge of the item without burning your fingers (which unfortunately happens a lot in the beginning)
6. CRIPS COLLARS Collars are easiest to steam if you have a flat surface, like a clean cutting board. Place it underneath the fabric and steam by pushing the fabric against the board.
7. DELICATE DISTANCE If the fabric is very delicate don't let the steamer head touch the fabric, keep 20 cm or so distance.

Do you own a steamer? If you do, please let me know of other clothing steaming tips and tricks you have learned!

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