STYLE ME VINTAGE | How to style a vintage little black dress

Welcome to a brand new vintage styling series called STYLE ME VINTAGE in which I will come up with a creative style from one vintage item.

For the first style, I wanted to go very creative with a very basic item: a little black dress. You can't go through a styling guide without someone commenting on a woman's "need" to own at least one fitting black dress. However, I don't believe in "must have" items. I think the only clothes we MUST HAVE are items that we feel most comfortable, gorgeous and unique in. And as it just happens, this little black dress gives me these feelings.

THE VINTAGE ITEM: How to style a vintage little black dress

The little black dress in question is a vintage Giorgio Armani dress


How to style a little black dress

I wanted to go all-in with this dress. And my forever inspiration for going all-in on styling is MILICENT PATRICK ✨ I learned about her by reading the brilliant book The Lady from the Black Lagoon by Mallory O'Meara (wink, wink, it's a brilliant book!!)

In short, Milicent Patrick was an actor and artist who for example created the Gill-man for the iconic movie Creature from the Black Lagoon. One of the many reasons why I was so inspired by Milicent Patrick, was her sense of style.

O'Meara writes how Patrick was forced to dress in modest and plain clothing throughout her childhood and teenage years. The moment she had the means to buy her own wardrobe, she styled herself in pearls and fashionable gowns. I love this!

So here is the complete style:

FINAL LOOK: How to style a little black dress

How you can style a little vintage black dress to give it a more unique look:

  • Pair your dress with a vintage ruffled shirt. To make the look more classic, use a white shirt. Otherwise, go wild, my child!
  • To pay homage to my new-found inspiration, Milicent Patrick, I used a pearl necklace as a bracelet, bright red lipstick and clip-on vintage earrings.

Let me know what you think of this style and this type of blog posts!

 How to style a little black dress


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