What are the most sustainable clothing fabrics?

List of most sustainable clothing fabrics


Are you thinking of buying new clothes but want to make sure that the fabrics are sustainable? Here is a quick cheat-sheet for you to remind you of the most sustainable clothing fabrics out there!

  1. Organic cotton
    = Organic cotton is grown in a way that doesn't deteriorate the soil quality! Compared to regular cotton, organic cotton is produced without toxic chemicals, without damaging the soil, with less water and energy.
  2. Tencel
    = Tencel is a brand name for lyocell and model fibres made out of wood. The production uses a closed-loop process, which also requires less energy and water than cotton!
  3. Bamboo
    = Another cellulose-based fibre that is fast-growing and its production requires no pesticides. However, many bamboo manufacturers may use harmful chemicals to maximize crop sizes.
  4. Linen
    = Made from the stems of a flax plant, linen requires far less water than cotton. A linen shirt uses 420 times less water than a shirt made of cotton!
  5. Organic Hemp
    = Hemp fibre is made from the stems of the hemp plant and is one of the oldest manufactured fabrics in human history. The production process is sustainable and the finished fabric is durable, breathable, and biodegradable!
    Yes, and buying recycled and/or preloved clothes is always a good choice! There are so many wonderful secondhand shops and vintage boutiques that offer such a variety of unique pieces.

*Please note that no fibre is 'perfect' as in guaranteed in being 100 % cruelty-free and sustainable. The most sustainable choice is to buy clothes that you know you’ll cherish dearly for a long time.


Did you find this little cheat-sheet of sustainable clothing fabrics useful? Let me know in the comments! 😘

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