What is your thrifting personality?

Extremely giddy to finally reveal the big project Emmaline (@introverts.guide) and I have been working hard on for the last few months! It hasn't been easy but I absolutely love the results.

✨We have created a cheeky yet stylish quiz about finding your thrifting personality. There are ten different thrifting profiles:

1. 🔥Spontaneous Sid
2. 👑Maxine the Maximalist
3. 🖤Minimalist Milan
4. 🌱Sustainable Sam
5. 🌙Vintage Vicky
6. 👒Frugal Frida
7. 💍Lux-loving Lesley
8. 🦄 Introvert Indie
9. 👯‍♀️Social BUY-erfly Billie
10. ♻️Upcycler Una

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