The Journey of Lessly


This is me, age 6. I used to love dressing up in creative outfits, assembling garments out of scarfs or pillowcases. This was me before I started to care about how others perceived me or how I should look or dress. During my teens, I was subdued to the mainstream fashion and tried my absolute hardest not to be singled out from any crowd. This meant dialing down my scarf collections and buying in bulk from fast-fashion outlets like H&M.

For my entire twenties, I pushed my giddily creative aspects aside and concentrated on getting the approval and acknowledgment of others. I never even considered a career in fashion. The industry seemed far too cool and superficial for the likes of a nerdy gal like me.

As I am nearing my thirties, I have slowly started to miss the playful and brave side of me. I so desperately want the girl in this picture back. One of her aspects was a fierce love for clothes, ruche and all things creative. Therefore, I threw myself into the world of fashion; switched my minor into fashion management, began working in a second-hand boutique, and started a project called Lessly.

Lessly is a project of two goals:

1) I crave to be a part of a community that celebrates unique, personal styles of all ages and sizes. This is my journey into (re)finding my own signature style, (with crazy scarfs and all).

2) Lessly is also about learning what sustainability in style really means. Here I will document how we can have unique, creative styles with less (pollution, animal abuse, waste...).

Learning, inspiration and new friends = Lessly


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